Digital platform


This helps you to attract professionals who do not travel to trade shows or who you may not have had the time to meet during the event.

WITH A DIGITAL EVENT PLATFORM available before the event to improve your visibility and enrich your visitors’ experience: preparing for visits, organizing meetings and access to the trade show’s teaser content (webinar, product news, etc.)

TEASE THE EVENT’S PARTICIPANTS by exhibiting online your range of products as part of your company profile!

THE PLATFORM STAYS OPEN after the event to manage your leads, replay conferences and demonstrations and keep your your catalogue of products and news open to visitors.

What’s the benefits for visitors?

For 5 months, visitors can benefit from a digital experience:

➝ ACCESS EXCLUSIVE CONTENTS (webinars, product launching) online, help to prepare their visit and organize meetings, online networking, conferences and online demonstrations both live and replay, so as to extend visitors’ experience even after the show…