Our commitments & values

In a context of transformation of the promotional sector, trade shows enjoy a unique positioning and must be able to welcome, energize and catalyze the transitions it serves.

At 656 Editions, nearly 15 people (in marketing, communication, content production, digital) support the changes in the sector that we know on a daily basis: Concentration of suppliers but especially resellers/distributors, digitization of the entire value chain (webshops, marketplaces, etc.) and environmental issues which will shake up the market in the coming years, are many of the topics that 656Editions share with the promotional product & garment market throughout the year.

This last social and environmental point is also crucial in the way 656 Editions thinks about and wishes to produce its. Thus, special attention is given to each production station in our shows in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our show: Optimized waste management, Low impact stands and fittings, Responsible marketing, etc.

It is around the 3 pillars of CSR that the show articulates its approach:

Environmental component

Whether it is directly at the level of the technical and logistical production of the show and the management of its waste, as at the level of transport or on-site catering, the show develops a certain number of initiatives allowing for a daily reduction of its carbon footprint.


The organization pays particular attention to risk prevention for its teams and customers, tries to guarantee equal opportunities and put an end to discrimination.


We are trying to be more and more virtuous economically whilst ensuring operating performance, which makes our event both viable and sustainable within the sector.